Full title: Intangible Treasures – Capturing the Intangible Cultural Heritage and Learning the Rare Know-How of Living Human Treasures

Duration: 48 months, started on February 1st 2013, end planned on January 31 janvier 2017

Type of project: FP7 (IP du programme ‘ICT for Access to Cultural Resources’)


Synopsis: The main objective of i-Treasures is to develop an open and extendable platform to provide access to ICH resources, enable knowledge exchange between researchers and contribute to the transmission of rare know-how from Living Human Treasures to apprentices. To this end, the project aims to go beyond the mere digitization of cultural content. Its main contribution is the creation of new knowledge by proposing novel methodologies and new technological paradigms for the analysis and modeling of ICH. One of the main objectives of the proposal is the development of an appropriate methodology based on multisensory technology for the creation of information (intangible treasures) that has never been analyzed or studied before.

Role of Robotics Lab:

Persons involved in Robotics Lab: Sotiris Manitsaris,  Fabien Moutarde, Edgar Hemery

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