Ph.D. Defense – Emilie Wirbel

Émilie Wirbel is pleased to invite you to his Ph.D. defense which take place on October, Tuesday 7th.
Title :

Localization and navigation of a humanoid robot in a domestic environment

Place:   Mines ParisTech 60 boulevard Saint-Michel 75006 Paris salle L109

Jury Composition 

M. David FILLIAT U2IS – ENSTA ParisTech Examiner
M. Olivier STASSE LAAS – CNRS Examiner
Arnaud DE LA FORTELLE MINES ParisTech – CAOR Director
M. Fabien MOUTARDE MINES ParisTech – CAOR Co-Director
M. Rodolphe GELIN Aldebaran Co-Director
M. Patrick RIVES INRIA Sophia Antipolis Examiner
M. Roland CHAPUIS Institut Pascal Examiner


This thesis covers the topic of low cost humanoid robots localization and navigation in a dynamic unconstrained environment. It is the result of a collaboration between the Centre for Robotics of Mines ParisTech and Aldebaran, whose robots, NAO and Pepper, are used as experimental platforms. We will describe how to derive information on the orientation and the position of the robot, under high constraints on computing power, sensor field of view and environment genericity. The environment is represented using a topological formalism : places are stored in vertices, and connected by transitions. The environment is learned in a preliminary phase, which allows the robot to construct a reference. The main contribution of this PHD thesis lies in orientation and approximate position measurement methods, based on monocular cameras with a restricted field of view, and their integration into a topological structure. To localize the robot in the robot, we use mainly data providing by the monocular cameras of the robot, while also allowing extensions, for example with a 3D camera. The different localization methods are combined into a hierarchical structure, which makes the whole process more robust and merges the estimations. A trajectory control has also been developped in order to transition accurately from one vertex to another, and incidently to provide a feedback on the walk of the robot. The results of this thesis have been integrated into Aldebaran software suite, and thoroughly tested in various conditions, in order to validate the conclusions and prepare a client delivery.

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