Permanent research position RESEARCH POSITION “CHARGE DE RECHERCHE” OPEN (M/F) in Artificial Intelligence for Robotics and Autonomous Vehicles

In the frame of the development of research and teaching activities in the area of Artificial Intelligence and Machine-Learning, MINES ParisTech, member of PSL Research University, is opening a permanent position “chargé de recherche” in Artificial Intelligence for Robotics and Autonomous Vehicle. At MINES ParisTech, a “chargé de recherché” is a junior member of staff with a permanent position having research as main duty, with some teaching. Equivalent positions outside France would be lecturer or assistant professor.

The targeted profile is a young (mainly 3 – 10 years after PhD) researcher (f/m) willing to develop multidisciplinary research combining fundamental and applied sciences in Artificial Intelligence with application to Autonomous Vehicles and Robotics.

More information are available on the job description (pdf)

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