Workshop NIVAR 2017

Alexis Paljic (enseignant chercheur) est invité à présenter un article de recherche au workshop NIVAR 2017 – Natural human-computer Interaction and ecological perception in immersive Virtual and Augmented Reality.

Titre : Ecological Validity of Virtual Reality : Three Use Cases

Abstract : This paper is a discussion on the question of ecological validity of virtual reality in the light of three studies that we have done in previous works. These works are chosen as a basis for the discus- sion because they are all designed to assess validity using one method : the comparison of user perception and behavior between real and virtual environments. The first study explores visual perception of complex materials, the second studies the role of visual feedback on user gestures and object manipulation, the third is a study of virtual reality as a tool for assessing the acceptability of human robot collaboration in a car factory. We discuss our methodology, the limits of validity of VR in our three use cases and suggest future developments in VR to provide design tools for more valid VR environments.
Keywords : Virtual Reality, Ecological Valididy, Comparative Approach, Real vs. Virtual Comparison, Perception of Complex Materials, Manipulation Gestures, Human Robot Cooperation

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