Seminar on « Practical Challenges to the Implementation of Automated Driving Systems »

The Chair Drive for All is pleased to invite you to a seminar on “Practical Challenges to the Implementation of Automated Driving Systems”. It will take place on Wednesday 13th February 15:00 – 16:00. We have the honor to receive Dr. Steven Shladover from the University of California at Berkeley.

This seminar is public and free of charge, registration is mandatory.



This presentation aims to provide a realistic assessment of the state of the art in Automated Driving Systems based on understanding the long-term historical trends in transportation and the technical challenges that remain to be solved. It begins with the long history of prior efforts to automate driving and then clarifies the descriptions of automated driving systems based on their levels of automation and connectivity and their operational design domains. The importance of vehicle-vehicle and vehicle-infrastructure connectivity in order to achieve transportation system improvements from automation is emphasized, based on results of simulations calibrated to full-scale vehicle test results. The formidable unsolved challenges in perception technology and system safety assurance are then discussed as part of the explanation for why it will take multiple decades of further development efforts before automated driving will be able to serve major fractions of surface transportation needs.

Steven E. Shladover, Sc.D.

Dr. Shladover has been conducting research on applications of advanced technologies to transportation systems for more than forty-five years.  He has based this research on a multidisciplinary background, combining expertise in transportation systems planning and analysis, vehicle dynamics and control, large-scale systems, and economics.  Dr. Shladover participated in the founding of the California PATH Program at the University of California, Berkeley, and has served as the program’s Technical Director, Acting Director, Deputy Director and Program Manager for Advanced Vehicle Control and Safety Systems.  He retired in late 2017 from his position as Program Manager, Mobility at PATH.


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