HAIBrid — New AI collaboration between Germany and France

MINES ParisTech Center for Robotics is happy to announce a new AI collaboration launched between Germany and France: HAIBrid.

The ANR, the French National Research Agency announced the funding of the HAIBrid project. With partners Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and atlatec GmbH (Germany), MINES ParisTech and Valeo (France), HAIBrid aims at learning behaviors of traffic participants. This requires further advances in AI, both in gathering and learning from relevant data.

HAIBrid stands for Hybrid AI towards Large Scale Data and Behavior Modeling for Automated Driving.

Autonomous driving research requires high quality traffic data to develop and test methods and tools. KIT and MINES ParisTech are creators of driving datasets (e.g. KITTI, INTERACTION), and we see the need for automatic, machine learning aided methods to extract and label trajectory, interaction and map data on larger scales than currently possible. We will combine our experience, autonomous driving platforms, hardware, software and infrastructure to develop methods for automated 3D mapping, trajectory extraction, interaction recognition and prediction. Industry will benefit from these innovative methods and better dataset in the very competitive environment of autonomous driving.

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