Capturing Real Scenes for VR made easy. Release of Colibri VR !

as a part of his PhD thesis, Grégoire de Dinechin has developed a Platform for non VR experts : it allows the easy capture and exploration of real scenes for VR.

We are happy to announce that we released COLIBRI VR, our open source platform for image based rendering for Unity ! It is made to be simple :

  • 1) take pictures
  • 2) process it in Colibri VR
  • 3) experience your 3D scene* in VR.

*including complex view dependent effects such as reflexions and refractions.

Tutorials and Download :
Paper :

Use it for anything you want : capture every day scenes, objects, create training scenarios, tell stories, create an online museum … Great work from Grégoire Dupont de Dinechin within his PhD thesis ! Cheers Grégoire !


Robotics Center Co-Chairs the HUCAPP Conference in Prague

This year Alexis Paljic from the Robotics center is co-Chairing the Hucapp Conference

with his colleague Manuela Chessa, from University of Genoa, Italy.

See the program here :

See you there !



Articles Acceptés at Electronic Imaging 2015


Le thème Réalité Virtuelle réalise un triplé d’articles à Electronic Imaging 2015, rendez-vous à San Francisco en février :

  • « A study of image exposure for the stereoscopic visualization of sparkling materials »
    In Image Quality and System Performance XII. IS&T/SPIE Electronic Imaging 2015.
    Victor Medina, Alexis Paljic, Dominique Lafon-Pham.
  • « Predictive rendering of composite materials, a multi-scale approach »
    In Measuring, Modeling, and Reproducing Material Appearance 2015. IS&T/SPIE Electronic Imaging 2015
    Thomas Muller, Patrick Callet, Alexis Paljic, Philippe Porral
  • « High Dynamic, Spectral and Polarized Natural Light Environment Acquisition »
    In Image Sensors and Imaging Systems 2015. IS&T/SPIE Electronic Imaging 2015
    Philippe Porral, Philippe Fuchs, Patrick Callet, Thomas Muller and Etienne Sandré-Chardonnal.