Full title:  TRAffic Volume Estimation by Spatio-Temporal Inference

Duration: from 2009 Jan. 1 till 2012 June 30

Type of project: ANR SYSCOMM 2008

Partners: Robotics Lab of Mines ParisTech, INRIA-RITS (ex IMARA) and INRIA-TAO

ynopsis: This project addressed the problem of modelling large scale complex systems to provide predictions of their macroscopic behaviour. For application purpose, we focus here on the particular problem of the real-time prediction of traffic conditions on a road network.

Role of Robotics Lab: Statistical analysis and datamining of road traffic at the scale of an agglomeration, for automated unveiling of spatial and temporal congestion patterns, as well as traffic evolution forecasting at large geographical scale (all roads and streets) and long timescale (end of day as a function of traffic observed in beginning of morning).

Participants from Robotics Lab: Fabien Moutarde, Yufei Han

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