Nuage de Points et Modélisation 3D (NPM3D)

Research Team NPM3D :

Research areas of the NMP3D team are around 3D data as « point cloud » and their processings :

 – 3D scanners systems

 – Point cloud processing and rendering

 – 3D surface reconstruction

We have different 3D sensors (Kinect 2, scanner FARO Focus X130, drone DJI Matrice 600) but also a mobile mapping platform based on the LiDAR Velodyne HDL-32.


Examples of 3D Point Clouds :




Point Cloud of MINES ParisTech (FARO Focus X130)







Point Cloud of MINES ParisTech (FARO Focus X130)







 Point Cloud of the city of Lille (our plateform L3D2 with Velodyne HDL32)




 People :

 – Researchers : François Goulette, Jean-Emmanuel Deschaud

 – PhD students : Hassan Bouchiba, Xavier Roynard, Hugues Thomas


Dataset :

You can find in that webpage a 3D Urban point cloud to help researchers in segmentation/classification algorithms :


 Videos :


Video (in french) to explain mobile mapping systems


 Video to show our last results in research


Current research projects :

celtes3d  Celtes 3D : Exploitation of new laser imaging techniques for non-destructive archeology: reconstruction of surfaces of Celtic metal objects




simu3d2   SIMU3D : Simulation of fluid mechanics from point clouds of real environments





 Past research projects :

terramobilita2  Terra Mobilita : Improvement of the localization of mobile laser mapping systems in urban environments





simvir2  SIMVIR : Automatic Road Surface Reconstruction for Driving Simulators







Spin-off : Terra3D

A start-up based on the research work of the NPM3D team has been created in October 2015 : Terra3D


Teaching :

 – Course at Master 2 MVA : Nuage de Points et Modélisation 3D (link to the course page here)

 – Course at Master 2 Informatique of UPMC : Vision and Perception for Robotics

 – Course MIG Carto 3D for engineer students at MINES ParisTech (MIG = Métiers Ingénieurs Généralistes)

 – Involvement in option MAREVA for engineer students at MINES ParisTech (MAREVA =  Mathématiques Appliquées : RobotiquE, Vision, Automatique)


If you are interested for internship or thesis in our team, you can contact or